We stock and fit the complete range of Flexco light and heavy duty belt fasteners. This included fasteners for belts from 1.5mm thick to over 20mm thick. Flexco have also designed specific fasteners for special agricultural applications, such as the Rivet Baler fastener. Most fasteners are also available in Stainless steel for application where corrosive materials are handled, or farm machinery may stand for long periods leading to corrosion. 

Our most popular agricultural fasteners are:-

Flexco Alligator Belt Lacing:The ideal solution for light-weight belts, Alligator belt lacing can be fitted without any specialized tools. Available in a range of sizes and metal grades, Alligator Belt Lacing can be used in a wide range of applications.   Flexco Alligator Lacing
Alligator Ready Set Staple Hinge Flexco Staple Hinge: This fastener comes in three sizes for belt thickness' of 1.5-6.4mm. Using two staples in each clip, this fastener provides a very secure joint with a smooth profile. Staple Hinge is ideal for applications such as produce belts, grass cutting belts and grain conveyors.  
Flexco Rivet Baler Fastener: This system designed specifically for round balers uses an all stainless steel construction for the ultimate in corrosion resistance. Manufactured with extra thick hinge loops the Baler fastener is a solution built to last. A simple installation tool makes this a quick and easy clip to fit in the field or the workshop.   Rivet Baler Fastener
R2 Rivet Hinge Flexco R2 Rivet Hinge:The medium duty R2 Rivet hinge fastener, provides a solution for 6-10mm thick belts. This fastener secures firmly into the belt with two self-setting rivets without damaging the fibres in the belt. This provides a strong versatile joint which can be easily fitted in the workshop using the installation tool.  
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