Comfortable animals are less stressed, more productive and healthier. Dunlop have vast experience in animal beds and offer a range of options to suit various requirements. Common to all of these options is a high degree of comfort, incredibly robust and highly hygienic. 

The Dunlop range comprises of three offerings:-

Dunlop Atlanta Waterbed: This is a continuous matting with pockets moulded into the internal structure. These pockets are filled with water to give the ultimate in animal comfort as they mould and shape to every animal. Made from fabric re-enforced non-recycled rubber the Atlanta Waterbed cannot crack or break-up over time offering maximum hygiene and durability. Supplied with a 10 year guarantee the Atlanta Waterbed is the premium solution to animal bedding, giving longer animal life, higher milk yeilds, reduced lameness & complications, reduced bedding requirements and faster cleaning times.

Dunlop Atlanta Waterbed
Dunlop Dunlomat: Dunlomat is a simple roll-out solution to animal bedding. Available in widths up to 2000mm. Dunlomat is a tough fabric re-enforced rubber mat with a low impression grip on the top for easy cleaning and a deep impression underside to provide cushioning. Easy to install, and clean Dunlomat provides a long lasting permanent solution to animal bedding.

Dunlop Dunlosheet: a 2.5mm thick cover sheet, Dunlop Dunlosheet is generally used as a waterproof cover for animal mattresses. This tough light material has a low impression top to provide grip while still allowing easy cleaning.Dunlosheet is also light and strong enough to be used on its own as a high grip flooring for slopes and slippery areas.

Dunlop Dunlomat


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